What's in a smile?

A smile may signify a warm salutation or possibly conveys agreement. Not smiling could communicate doubt, anguish or sadness. Smiling or not smiling is a preference. However, it may hamper your efforts if you're searching for a job. 

Joanne Barker's  article entitled "What Does Your Smile Say About You?"mentions smiling can have a positive effect on your health, career and social life. Barker further shares Pamela McClain, DDS and past president of the American Academy of  Periodontology perspective on the power of a smile. "When someone has a big smile, it shows they're willing to open up and expose a part of themselves," states McClain. 

As you continue your job search, consider the following to give you the motivation to turn that frown upside down and show those pearly whites:

  • Confidence - A smile shows optimism, energy and enthusiasm. 

  • Positive first impression - When interviewing for a job, an employer's initial  impression is usually the right impression. Most employers would consider hiring someone that was a good fit for the company and meets most of the qualifications for a job versus hiring someone that meets all of the qualifications and doesn't work well with others. 

  • Aura- Smiling is contagious and can change the environment in a room. Smiling is synonymous with happiness and joy. It's a universal language.