What to do this summer?

The school year is almost over and finding something to do is priority. Relaxing in the sun and working tops the list of things to do. Unfortunately, summer jobs for youth has been very sparse over the years due to the economy.

Finding a summer job may be difficult, but not impossible. When searching for jobs consider the following:

Find something you like to do. If you like working in teams and being around people, consider jobs in areas such as retail, summer camps, fast food, etc. Follow your passion and you can't go wrong. If you're not sure what job works best, considerwww.mynextmove.org . 

Volunteer. If skill building and gaining job experience is an option versus solely earning a paycheck, consider volunteering. Volunteering is an opportunity to gain valuable work experience and establish solid references and contacts. To learn about volunteer opportunities in your area, please visit or contact your local United Way agency. Also, learn what skills celebrities such as Jimmy Fallon  gained from their first job. Click here 

Tap into that entrepreneurial spirit.Consider creating your own job. Some of the most profitable businesses have started from a basic idea to fill a need. Money can be earned by doing chores. Consider cutting grass, car washing, baby sitting, light housekeeping, house sitting, pet sitting or running errands.
Where to look? Check out classified ads, professional associations, non-profit agencies, temporary employment agencies, internet job boards, churches, local daycare centers, fast food restaurants, hotels, museums, entertainment centers for kids (i.e. Pump it Up, Chuck E. Cheese) grocery stores, amusement parks, pools, recreation centers, department stores and tourist attractions.