Seasonal employment: Path to success?

If you're searching for a job, seasonal employment might be the path to eventually land a full-time job. According to the National Retail Federation, sales are expected to increase nearly 4% and retailers are expected to hire between 700,000 and 750,000 seasonal workers this holiday season.

Book stores, restaurants, clothing stores, shipping companies, toy stores and specialty shops usually hire seasonal workers to help with the influx of customers during the holidays. Announcements regarding job openings can be found in classified ads, online job postings, social media and by word of mouth. In fact, job seekers are encouraged to visit your local Career Center to learn about seasonal jobs as well as full-time jobs. Click here to to get real time updates on jobs and career resources.

 Likewise, non-profit agencies hire paid workers and recruit volunteers to help distribute donated items such as food and toys for disadvantaged families.

 Although a full-time job is desired, a part time job could be advantageous due to:

  • Expedited hiring process.

  • Possibility to extend employment.

  • Opportunity to showcase skills.