Pre Planning for your job search?

We preplan for weddings, funerals, birth of a child and college. Yet, when it comes to searching for a job, few make plans. Often, job seekers react by applying for any job. This tactic will often lead to frustration and loss of valuable time and money.  Consider PREplanning to help with your job search strategy:

Prep time:  Work in your strengths and use transferable skills.  If working outdoors or working with your hands is something you enjoy, target jobs that allow you to tap into those strengths. Also, transferable skills from previous employment may help in your job search. Skills gained working as a cashier, for example, could be used in various jobs (i.e. bank teller, retail, telemarketing, customer service, etc.).   Lastly, visit My Next Move  if you need additional information on careers. Over 900 career options are available for viewing on this website.

Reflect on your career choices. Complete your resume, contact prospective references and brush up on your resume writing or interviewing skills, etc. If you need help, visit your local Career Center or library. Also, tap into resources online. There are various job/career apps available for download to your smart phone or tablet.

Execute: It's time to put your plan into action. Now that you know your strengths, your job search will be more targeted. You will not waste valuable time. For example, if you don't have the skills to work as a nurse, you shouldn't spend your time applying for a job as a nurse. However, use those transferable skills and apply for jobs that meet your skill set.