Job Search Strategies

I can't find a job. Where do I look for a job? Where are the jobs? If you're ready to work, you must make a plan for an effective job search. Don't just scope out the classifieds section of the newspaper -get creative.  You could increase your job leads if you consider the following:

  • Get connected: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can be a great resource for job leads. Don't just post or tweet (from your personal pages) telling others that you're looking for employment. Instead check out social media pages for companies where you would like to work. You can learn about various job openings and company executives who are in a position to hire.

  • Networking: Networking is more than telling others you're looking for employment. Consider meeting with former colleagues or attending professional association meetings. You may meet colleagues who could offer job leads and contacts within a company.

  • Online job boards: Don't focus on job titles. Focus on the skills you bring to a job. For example, you may be called an executive assistant or you may be called a secretary. Don't miss an opportunity because you don't like the job title. Focus on the skills you bring to the job.

    Remember, looking for a job is challenge. Stay focused, stay positive and results will follow.