Job hunting during the holidays

The holiday season is fast approaching and some job seekers may decide to curtail their job search until the new year.  In fact, now is an opportune time to jump start your job search since some companies are hiring for temporary/seasonal workers.  If hired, you have an opportunity to showcase your skills to an employer. Consider the following:


Advantages of seeking employment now:

  • Companies may expedite their hiring process in order to prepare for the holiday rush.

  • Employers could extend your employment after the holidays.

  • Use your temporary/seasonal employment as an opportunity to demonstrate your eagerness to work.


Where to look:

  • Retail - clothing stores, malls, toy stores, hardware stores, specialty shops.

  • Transportation- shipping companies such as FedEx and UPS usually hire seasonal workers to meet  shipping demands during the holidays.

  • Hospitality- hotels and restaurants are ideal places to seek employment during the holidays.

  • Security companies- retailers may hire additional security guards during the holiday season.

  • Non-profits- volunteers and seasonal workers are often needed to help distribute donated items such as toys and food to needy families.

  • Alabama Career Center- job seekers are encouraged to visit your local career center to learn about seasonal work as well as permanent employment. Visit to get real time updates on jobs openings.