Individual Training Scholarships

Great news for workers looking to:

  • Get on a career track.
  • Receive training in a specific skill set.
  • Work toward finishing a degree.
  • Laid-off workers receive special priority.
  • Scholarships awarded throughout the year.
Diane Glass beat the odds . Divorced and no job. She decided to make a change. She went back to school under the WIA Program in 2002. Thanks to tuition assistance she is now the HIV Coordinator for the Mobile County Health Department. Keep up the good work.
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Thanks Premier Truck Driving and Mobile Works for giving me an opportunity for a new career. - Dennis Lundy
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WIOA Training Programs (pdf)

Mobile Works invests in education and training for workers because we know businesses needs highly- skilled and qualified workers on an ongoing basis. We also realize that having a skilled base of qualified jobseekers ready to work keeps businesses in Mobile thriving. A highly-skilled workforce also attracts new businesses to relocate to Mobile County and to invest in our local economy.

Because we know hiring and training a new employee is an investment of time and money for your business, Mobile Works’ Individual Training Scholarship program is one more way to help area businesses with the task of having a labor pool of highly-skilled and trained workers ready for hire. We help eligible candidates go to school or get the training they need to be a qualified worker for up to two years. Then when you are ready to hire, highly-skilled, well-trained workers with specific skills sets are available for you and other businesses in Mobile.

Our mission at Mobile Works is to help Mobile County businesses create, retain and maintain jobs that ensure sustained economic growth. Our goal is to give local businesses the means to grow, become more productive and compete effectively. By focusing our investments in job creation and retention in Mobile, Mobile Works not only adds value to your individual business, but we also successfully ensure the long-term growth of Mobile’s economy.