Alabama Career Center

A Resource for Businesses and Jobseekers

An important aspect of the Mobile Works workforce investment program is its focus on meeting the needs of businesses for skilled workers and the training, education and employment needs of people. To do that, we partner with the Alabama Career Center.

The Alabama Career Center is a one-stop career center, supported by the state of Alabama and the federal government, offering free employment services available to all businesses and jobseekers.

Businesses and jobseekers can easily access free employment information at a single location-Alabama's Career Center in Mobile.


Our money-saving services contribute directly to your bottom line by helping you to find the right job candidate that will be an asset to your business.

  • Free full-time and part-time workforce procurement
  • Free internet listing services for business job openings on America's Job Bank-conduct a local, state or national employee search for free
  • Free recruitment and screening of all job applicants-we make it easy for you to interview qualified candidates that closely match your job criteria
  • Free on-site conference rooms for interviewing applicants
  • Free rapid response team to help businesses handle mass layoffs
  • Employer seminars to explain program benefits
  • Receive a preliminary assessment of support service needs
  • Access to federal programs designed to provide tax breaks to businesses for employment of underemployed people
  • Access to skills training for current or new employees through Mobile Works training programs
  • Public resource area available


Our free services help you in your search for the right job and the right company for you.

  • Employment service work registration
  • General information on filing for unemployment compensation
  • Eligibility determination for Mobile Works training programs
  • Public resource area for self-directed job search
  • Local, state and national job search
  • Career center counseling and placement assistance
  • Receive a preliminary assessment of skill levels, aptitudes and abilities
  • Obtain information on employment-related services, including local education and training providers
  • Computers and data terminals with internet access/basic office software
  • Communication links to employers via fax, phone and email
  • Resume preparation and copying
  • Printed job resource materials
  • Labor market information
  • Typing competency testing
  • Need help with your interview skills? Mock interviews available with Employment Service Representatives.
  • Job readiness classes offered twice monthly. View flyer (pdf).
  • Learn more about Mobile Works' Training and Employment Programs. View flyer (pdf).

The Alabama Career Center not only offers employment services, but also offers training programs through Mobile Works, adult basic education, vocational rehabilitation services through the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services and seasonal worker transition services offered through Telamon Corporation.

Click here to view career center brochure (pdf)

For more information, call the Alabama Career Center at 251.461.4146