About Us

In order for businesses to grow and compete in the local and global economy, they must have skilled, experienced workers. New and evolving business models reaffirm that education, job training and career development are the cornerstones of economic security for Mobile County's workers. That's where we come in.

We are Mobile Works and we're dedicated to building a world-class workforce with solutions that create a stronger economy, so that all Mobilians have the opportunity to share in the prosperity of Mobile. We invite you to learn more about us and our programs.

Mobile Works Inc. is a local partnership of business, education, labor and community leaders, providing businesses and people with training, leadership, labor market information and employment programs, serving our entire region. Since our inception in 2000, Mobile Works has invested millions to fund job and educational programs for the Mobile region.

Our workforce investment program provides the framework for a unique workforce preparation and employment system designed to meet the needs of businesses that need qualified workers who contribute to the success of their companies and jobseekers who wish to further their careers.

Advantages of the Mobile Works workforce investment program

  • Training and employment programs designed and managed at the local level—where the needs of businesses and workers are best understood
  • Convenient access to employment, education, training and information services at a single location
  • Programs that allow people to have choices in deciding the training program that best fits their needs and that of companies they will serve—giving them control over their own career development
  • Information on how well training providers succeeded in preparing people for jobs—and their success rates in those jobs
  • Businesses provide vital information and leadership through our programs, playing an active role in ensuring that the workforce development system prepares people for current and future jobs

Mobile Works provides a network of sites that offer comprehensive employment, career counseling and job training services to businesses through the one-stop Alabama Career Center in Mobile and offers jobseekers access to training through training designed to help them get better jobs.

Mobile Works is positioned to work with local businesses to leverage their training investment, adding profit back to their bottom line. Mobile Works On-the-Job Training pays up to 50% of costs to train a company's eligible new hires from 11 to 26 weeks; while Mobile Works Incumbent Worker Training pays up to 50% of a company's total training costs for existing staff, up to $30,000 maximum per contract. Businesses put up the other 50% and may contribute in-kind contributions as well as cash toward the match.